Monday, April 5, 2010

Book Review- Janice VanCleave's Play and Find Out about Science-Easy Experiments for Young Children

Book review Let's Play and Find Out about Science-Easy Experiments for Young Children by Janice Vancleave

Janice Vancleave has authored numerous, experiment packed books about Science for parents and kids. This book gives simple, short experiments for adults to do with children. The sections; Air, Changes, Magnets, Forces, Light, Sound, and Electricity, have multiple activities. Each experiment is set up as a question a small child might ask, followed by clear, concise instructions with illustrations and extensions, for more ways to try out the concept. The materials needed for are likely to be around your house already, if not a quick trip to a local store and a few bucks should suffice to get them. The book does not specify an age range that I have seen, though I feel it would be wonderful for Pre-K children.

I got this book to find some simple activities to do with my two year old. Some of the activities are appropriate for a two year old, others would work with a small amount of tweaking. The book includes simple explanations which could be read to the child or not. I haven't bothered to read anything from the book to my two year old. I think just experiencing is enough for this little of a scientist. I make short observational comments. Just like I usually do in our everyday life together.

She has really enjoyed the experiments we've done so far and it is just another fun way to spend time together. I'd recommend this book for those caring for children ages 2-5. Following are some pictures of our tweaked version of experiment Bubbly. The original experiment calls for bubble bath and water in the cup. I thought milk would be a safer alternative for a two year old. Good thing too because she did forget to blow a few times and sucked instead! She got a mouth full of 'cow', as she calls it, lol.

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