Thursday, April 1, 2010


Both daughters were helping give the houseplants a little tlc last weekend. My older daughter, who is 10, accidentally removed a small chunk from the Pothos. She was concerned, but I told her no need to be, you can start a new one with that cutting. So she listened while I went on about the common houseplant Pothos, a beautiful running/climbing plant also known as Devil's Ivy. I showed her how to cut the bottom at an angle, remove the bottom leaves, and fill the mason jar just so full of water. She is very excited about her new plant. She'd like it in her bedroom at the new house. I think this is great. She's been diligently changing the water every second day and watching for root growth. I also got to drivel on a bit about the original plant's history and my personal history. Her father and I worked together at a mom and pop pizza shop twelve years ago, before we were blessed with kids. Our boss had a beautiful, giant leaf Pothos hanging out by the window in the dining area. He gave us a cutting of it and we've had it ever since. Interesting to note we made minimum wage working there, which I believe was $5.15 per hour at the time. It was THE best job though. Lots of nights my beau and I worked alone. Just the two of us, cutting veggies and making pizzas. Quite satisfactory! Oh, and did I mention we were allowed to eat whatever we wanted when on the clock? My sister also has some of our Pothos' little babies, all grown up now. This plant is very hardy. I love it and highly recommend it as a houseplant.

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