Monday, March 29, 2010

Not homeschool related- but my Little one is too cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I was talking with my mom on the phone, cutting up a block of cheese into slices. Little One had already came and nabbed a piece and ran off again. Suddenly she starts wailing and I run to see what's up. She was under the table with our oldest cat, Shea, crying like she was hurt. Now Little One is mostly a little soldier. She doesn't cry a whole lot over bumps and bruises, falls and such. My first thought was, of course, Shea scratched her. I plucked her out from under the table and looked her over, still crying, tears even. I don't see any marks. I asked her if the cat scratched her, she said no, did you hit your head, no, did Shea scare you, no, did the cat try to eat your cheese, no. I picked her up, she cried for a bit, then settled in. After I got off the phone I questioned her again. Same questions, same answers. I couldn't think of what must have upset her. Later in the evening we were sitting on the couch and Shea came over wanting petted. Little One looked at her grumpily and said, "Shea, no!" I told Little One that I thought Shea was trying to make up to her. She smiled and petted the cat. Then I asked the same questions again. All answered no. It popped in my head, so I asked, "Did Shea lick your cheese?" Little One answered with head nodding vigorously yes, "Um, cat, uh, Shea, lick cheese." Followed by her turning to Shea, tears welling up in her eyes, "Shea, no lick cheese!" Then she excitedly went on about the cat licking her cheese to me, then her daddy, lol. This was all really just too cute. Here's a pic of Little One and the perpetrating cat (Never mind the evidence of my sewing, I swear it doesn't live there! And yes, there are two machines, both somewhat broken. One zigzag stitches only, one straight stitches only.)-

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