Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pattern Blocks, not just for Math

Kids are great. They're so creative and resourceful. They think to do things I never would. For better and for worse sometimes, this idea being one of the former. I walked into the room they were playing in and just had to take pictures to preserve this. I recently bought some used wooden pattern blocks, but boxed them up in anticipation of our move. I can't wait to see what fun they'll make of them. These are some old plastic ones we've had for years.

Argh, matey! Ships ahoy! Or some such other pirate talk, lol!

You'll notice the very bottom of my Care Bears pajama pants in this one.

This isn't the first time they've gotten creative with pattern blocks. In fact the first time I remember well because I also had to run for the camera and snap pics. It was a good four years ago.

This was made by my daughter, who would have been six at the time.

This by my son, who would have been four. So long ago that seems now! Really, seriously pattern blocks are not just for Math. :)

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