Monday, March 29, 2010

Something for the Little One too :)

I plan to buy the big kids some Kumon Math workbooks to supplement Singapore Math. I decided to poke around on the Kumon workbooks website and let me tell you what, I'm sold, lol. They have the cutest, colorful little workbooks for Pre-K. Also workbooks for kids as young as two. Now I bet I know what you're thinking. Two is too young! Tell that to my little two year old toddler. She is very into doing what big brother and sister are doing, including school. She loves books, paper, art supplies, etc. I am pretty sure she will love these adorable little workbooks. I figure if I'm wrong, and she isn't in to them, they'll be there for later when she is. Make no mistake these are not for me, to get her ready for school, these will be for her to do if, how, and as she pleases! There is a book each for coloring, easy mazes, beginning cutting, folding, and more.  They really are too cute!

And it just so happens Rainbow Resource carries them. Isn't that just too convenient, now I just have to click, click, click to add them to my ever growing wish list. By now some people might think I must be rolling in the money. Not so. I just happen to be lucky this year with a bit of a windfall, likely never to happen again in my lifetime. I really want to take advantage of the opportunity to expand our homeschool supplies while I can. Seeing as we're under contract for our first house, I imagine times will be quite tight in the future as we try to get it paid off. Here's my Wish List for the little one, please note some of these things are not recommended for children under three, I know my child well and she will be under direct supervision the entire time she is playing with these items-

Before Five in a Row
Bright & Beyond Age 2
52 Magnetic Letters
Magnetic Dry Erase Board 18" x 24"
Baby Bears Balance Set
Political Earth 12" soft pillow model 
Kumon First Steps, Let's Color! 
Kumon First Steps, Let's Cut Paper! 
Kumon First Steps, Let's Fold!
Kumon First Steps, Let's Sticker & Paste!
Kumon My Book of Coloring 
Kumon My Book of Coloring At the Zoo 
Kumon My Book of Easy Mazes 
Kumon My First Book of Tracing 

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